An expert and complementary team is working together for CTECHnano.

Key people

Mercedes Vila Juárez


PhD in Materials Physics at Universidad Autónoma-CSIC, Madrid, Spain. Senior Researcher with excellent research track-record in the field of materials thin film deposition and surface modification. International prestige recognized by EU Commission in 2007,2008 & 2017 and LÓREAL-UNESCO Foundation in 2010.

María Rízquez

Research Scientist

PhD in Microelectronics at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne and University of Lyon, France. She has gained different expertise working in multicultural environments, both industries and technological centers. Her research activities are mainly focused on the fabrication and characterization of new nanostructures development.

Mato Knez

Scientific Advisor

PhD in Natural Sciences, at the Max-Planck Institute of Solid State Research, Stuttgart, GE. Professor with a worldwide recognized research activity focused in ALD. He received Nanofutur Award from the German Ministry of Education and Research in 2006, and Gaede Prize in 2012 from the German Vacuum Society.

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Strategic partners

nanoGUNE is a renowned research center focused in nanoscience and nanotechnology. It contributes to CTECH with additional people expert in ALD. The nanomaterials research group of the center, is led by Ikerbasque Research Professor Mato Knez. Laboratories are fully equipped with additional coating tools (ALD, CVD and PVD), equipment for structural, chemical, and physical characterization, and a 300 sqm clean room.
AVS designs and manufactures sophisticated equipment for scientific applications. CADINOX is an industrial company dedicated to mechanical fabrication oriented to added value parts. Both are contributing to CTECH with general aspects of electromechanical design, manufacturing of the parts, and their assembly and testing facilities.

CTECH as a atomic layer deposition company